Cair ke Rekening! BLT PKH Rp3 Juta per Orang Ditransfer Asal Muncul 7 Data Ini..

Cheap Car Insurance

Many people feel intimidated by the challenge of finding cheap car insurance. But it’s only because they don’t have a good grasp of insurance, the coverage they need, some ways to cut down premiums, and where to go for the best prices. Luckily, we’ve got all of them for you right here.

Understanding Insurance
When you buy insurance, you enter into a contract that gives both you and the insurance company certain rights and duties. In exchange for your premium dollars, the company promises to pay for certain kinds of damage to cars or people that can result from driving your car.

The insurance policy itself is the contract. It spells out what kinds of claims the company will pay and explains the rules you must follow too. Reading through your insurance contract is an important step that many fail to take. Don’t be one of those people. If there are any terms you don’t understand, simply look them up on the Web or call your insurance company and ask.

The Coverage You Need
Once you understand the insurance contract, and have at least skimmed the information in your policy, it’s time to look at the different kinds of insurance available and decide which types of coverage you really need. Below is an outline of the types of coverage available in a car insurance policy.

– Collision – this coverage pays for damage to your car from an accident. It does not matter who is at fault, but you will usually absorb some of the cost yourself in the form of a deductible. If someone else is at fault, you may be able to get that deductible back or get it waived.
– Comprehensive – sometimes called “Other than Collision,” this covers things like cracked windshields, objects falling on your car, flood, fire or theft…anything that doesn’t fall under the category of a collision. A deductible usually applies and there is rarely any way to get the deductible back.
– Rental – or Rental Reimbursement coverage will reimburse you for some or all of the cost to rent a car while your own is being fixed, but only when the damage was because of an event covered by Collision or Comprehensive coverage.
– Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – sometimes called “No Fault” insurance, PIP is a mandatory insurance required in some states. The coverage comes in a single set amount without higher limit options. It applies no matter who is at fault, but only covers the driver, passengers in your car, or any pedestrians struck by your car.
– Medical Payments – this is like health insurance for car accidents and is usually an optional coverage. There are no deductibles, but there will be a limit per accident and possibly per person.
– Liability – this insurance comes in two forms: Bodily Injury and Property Damage. The Bodily Injury portion will pay for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering for anyone injury because of your negligence while driving. Limits apply per person and per accident. Property Damage coverage is for damage to another car caused by your negligence while driving.
– Uninsured Motorist – this is coverage for you, should someone else injury you in an accident, but fail to carry insurance coverage. Such claims are rare, especially in states with mandatory Liability insurance laws.
– Under Insured Motorist – similar to Uninsured Motorist insurance, this coverage comes into play if the responsible party had insurance, but not enough to cover the scope of your injuries and damages.

How to Choose Coverage
Your state probably requires you carry Liability insurance and possibly PIP as well. It’s a good idea to choose high Liability limits in case you are sued over an accident. Higher Liability limits are very cheap compared with the benefit you gain. Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist coverage is also very affordable and offers a huge benefit.

It makes little sense to buy Medical Payments coverage when you already have health insurance or if you can find a way to get it. If you have no health insurance, understand that car accidents are a leading cause of serious injuries. Medical Payments coverage probably won’t cover the cost of all treatment for a serious injury, but it will cover many of the medical costs you might incur.

Finally, consider how much your car is worth before you decide on Collision, Comprehensive or Rental coverage. If you can save enough money to cover the cost of replacing your car with a similar one, it’s much cheaper to keep the money in a savings account than pay insurance covering the car. Rental coverage can usually be scrapped no matter what your situation. Just borrow a car from a friend while yours is in the shop.

How to Reduce Premiums
Policies are priced based on risk factors, or elements of your car ownership and usage that make an accident more likely. The fewer risk factors you have, the cheaper your insurance policy.

First, find a safe place to park your car at night. Cars parked in a garage cost less to insure than those parked on the street because they are less likely to be stolen or vandalized. Answer questions about the miles you drive every year carefully. If you over estimate your mileage, you could pay additional premiums unnecessarily. When your mileage goes down because you move or switch jobs, don’t forget to update your insurance information right away.

Using a car alarm or theft recovery system will save you a bundle and cut down on hassle if your car is ever stolen. It can be a big help if you don’t have a garage to keep your car safe.

Where to Buy Cheap Car Insurance
Buying car insurance is the easiest part. You’re already where you need to be! Just enter your zip code in the box at the top of the page and be sure to get at least three quotes. When you do that, you ensure you are getting the best rates available on your auto insurance.

Cars do not come cheap. You may choose to furnish your car with accessories like: a in-dash cd player, leather seats and custom lighting. In addition to the market price of your car, you have got to pay for its registration, license and of course auto insurance. These all add up to a considerable expense.

If you are looking for low insurance premiums, makes your search quick and easy – you can get started now by entering your zip code above. Auto insurance is not something you can avoid. In 48 states it’s a requirement to have auto insurance coverage – the only two that don’t require it are New Hampshire and Wisconsin.

Cheap car insurance is something we all are looking for. With the economy struggling, it’s important that you save money in any way you can. If you are just regsitering for car insurance for the first time, keep in mind that certain types of people get better rates, for example: students, infrequent drivers and sometimes senior citizens. If you have a good driving record and are over the age of 25, you almost always qualify for a discount, make sure to ask your insurance company if you do, the worst they can say is no!

You can also get breaks on your car insurance if you pay the bulk of the preimum up front instead of each month as it comes do. Be careful though when looking for the cheapest insurance. Some companies are not reputable and may not offer much in the way of coverage if you get in an accident.

You can get good deals if you know how to shop for online car insurance. The biggest advantage is how quickly you can check insurance quotes of many companies and compare them – all from the comfort of your own home. Remember, there is a ton of competition and that’s a good thing – get many auto quotes and you can end up with the cheapest insurance around.

Bantuan Langsung Tunai (BLT) sampai Rp3 juta per-orang dari Program Keluarga Keinginan (PKH) dapat ditransfer dan selekasnya cair ke rekening asal tujuh (7) data yang menerima ada di Cekbansos Kemensos (

Cek Disini

Lewat situs sah Cekbansos Kemensos (, warga yang telah terdata dalam DTKS mulai bisa check apa data dianya masuk ke daftar yang menerima faedah BLT PKH atau mungkin tidak.

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Bulan Desember 2021 ini, pendistribusian BLT PKH sampai Rp3 juta per-orang masih dilaksanakan pemerintahan ke Keluarga Yang menerima Faedah (KPM).

Adapun pendistribusian BLT PKH sampai Rp3 juta per-orang pada bulan Desember 2021 ini masuk ke pencairan tahapan 4.

Dijumpai jika BLT PKH sebagai dana Bantuan tunai dari Kementerian Sosial (Kemensos), yang cair ke yang menerima faedah sepanjang setahun atau dari Januari – Desember dan ditransfer ke rekening Keluarga Yang menerima Faedah (KPM).

Sementara untuk pendistribusiannya, BLT PKH ini cair setahap, tidak langsung ditransfer sekalian.

BLT PPKH akan cair ke rekening per 3 bulan sekali, atau bila sama sesuai agenda maka cair di bulan – bulan berikut ini:

  • Tahapan 1 mulai cair Januari
  • Tahapan 2 mulai cair April
  • Tahapan 3 mulai cair Juli
  • Tahapan 4 mulai cair Oktober

Karena itu, bila seorang semestinya terima BLT PKH Rp3 juta /tahun, dana BLT yang cair ke rekening per 3 bulan yakni Rp750 ribu.

Merilis situs Instagram sah Kemensos, BLT PKH sampai Rp3 juta per-orang itu cuman cair ke rekening Bank Himbara (Himpunan Bank Negara).

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Daftar Bank yang terhitung Himbara yakni:

  • BTN
  • Mandiri
  • BNI
  • BRI

BLT PKH Tahapan 4 Desember 2021

Pemerintahan terus mengusahakan supaya dana BLT dari Kemensos atau bantuan sosial bisa tersalurkan semuanya saat sebelum 31 Desember 2021.

Merilis situs sah Kemensos,, Kamis, 23 Desember 2021, Irjen Kemensos Dadang Iskandar mengutarakan jika sama sesuai instruksi Menteri Sosial (Mensos) Tri Rismaharini supaya selekasnya dilaksanakan pemercepatan pendistribusian BLT PKH, BPNT dan tidak melalui 31 Desember 2021.

Lihat Disini

Cekbansos Kemensos

Karena itu, untuk warga yang telah berasa penuhi persyaratan dan terdata dalam DTKS dapat segera check di situs Cekbansos Kemensos ( dengan berikut ini:

  • Membuka
  • Tentukan data Propinsi, Kabupaten / Kota, Kecamtana, dan Dusun sama sesuai KTP
  • Tulis nama sama sesuai KTP
  • Catat code huruf random komplet dengan spasinya
  • Click “Mencari Data”

Situs Cekbansos Kemensos ( akan tampilkan dua type pernyataan, yakni bisa lolos sebagai yang menerima dan tidak.

Bila gagal lolos, karena itu pernyataan yang ada di Cekbansos Kemensos ( yakni……

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Tetapi, bila bisa lolos, ada 7 data yang menerima yang hendak ada di, yakni:

  • Data propinsi
  • Data kabupaten/kota
  • Data kecamatan
  • Data kelurahan
  • Data nama yang menerima
  • Data usia
  • Data tipe bantuan sosial yang diterima komplet dengan status, info, dan masa cair

Apabila sudah ada 7 data itu, karena itu yang menerima dapat segera check pencairan di rekening masing – masing, apa BLT PKH telah ditransfer atau memang belum.

Dalam pada itu, besaran BLT PKH yang hendak cair ke rekening warga yang menerima faedah mempunyai jumlah yang lain.

  • Ibu hamil: Rp3 juta /tahun atau Rp750 ribu per tahapan
  • Balita: Rp3 juta /tahun atau Rp750 ribu per tahapan
  • Disabilitas: Rp2,empat juta /tahun atau Rp600 ribu per tahapan
  • Lanjut usia: Rp2,empat juta /tahun atau Rp600 ribu per tahapan
  • Siswa SD: Rp900 ribu /tahun atau Rp225 ribu per tahapan
  • Siswa SMP: Rp1,lima juta /tahun atau Rp375 per tahapan
  • Siswa SMA: Rp2 juta /tahun atau Rp500 ribu per tahapan

Pencairan BLT PKH tahapan 4 pada bulan Desember ini bisa dilaksanakan lewat dua langkah, pertama lewat ATM, ke-2 lewat Bank penyalur langsung.

Ambil Disini